My name is Alex Folland. I was born in 1987. My online nickname is usually "Lex", "LexSfX", or "AlexFolland". I'm a Canadian guy with interests in technology, gaming, multimedia, and many other aspects of life. This is my personal website. I started it in my early teenage years and it's been a distant friend since then. I programmed it myself in the simplest of html and css because I wanted the simplest website. My only hope for visitors of this website is that they find something fun to do, even if there isn't much to do at all.

I've had many little hobbies throughout the years. You could say I'm a dabbler. I tend to start things, play around with them, and rarely get extremely good at them. I like to try many things because it's more fun that way.

My first online game was Worms Armageddon. I started playing it in 1999. "Alex" was taken when I registered for WormNET, so I tried "Lex" and it worked. That's where I got my online nickname. I played WA for many years and I still mildly help administrate community websites such as the Worms Knowledge Base ( and I operate the IRC channel, #worms on GameSurge. I still consider myself to be in clan SfX, which is what gives me the domain for this website and the nickname I use sometimes, "LexSfX". The SfX people are all cool. I have not been playing WA much since 2007.

In 2007, I started playing World Of Warcraft. I played it for many years and achieved a Duelist title in 4 PvP seasons. Duelist requires being in the top 3% of characters in the ladder at the end of the season. I played PvE also and in 2012, founded Design, a cool guild that's still running under alternate leadership. We had fun times. Because of the various WoW character names I've had over the years, I'm known by some friends as "Newdles", "Pantosophy", or "Seraphe". I quit playing it in 2015, but I could come back for more fun in the future.

I'm mentioning these games because I spent large portions of my life playing them.

I love tool-assisted speed runs and because of that, I learned a lot about video encoding for TASVideos, a site which was on the forefront of video encoding technology when I started learning. H.264 was pretty new. Now I feel like I'm pretty good at video technology. I love mkvtoolnix.

I'm interested in real life extension technology. It would be nice to continue this exciting existence beyond the expected average life span, and to feel healthy enough while doing so. Aubrey De Grey's TEDxDanubia 2013 talk on YouTube got me interested originally. I don't want to get cancer, alzheimer's disease, or death. I'm not actively pursuing this interest; just keeping tabs on the progression.

What else?

Oh yeah. My email address is Feel free to send me messages. I love receiving them. They can be questions or anything else. You can also reach me on IRC on freenode, GameSurge, or Rizon. My nicknames there are LexSfX, Lex, and LexSfX respectively.

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